Saturday, May 19, 2007

those damn candy bars

it's been days since they came since things went bad and i have been hiding since but I think I may soon have to go out because I have run out of food. I can hear them out there out beyond the door and they kind of no I am here and kind of forget and them remember and come groaning and moaning and scraping their nails down the door and then get bored kind of and wander away and come back. Sometimes I think I could just open the door and run away but then I think where would I run where would I go and wouldn’t they all just be out there in the hallway like stupid grandfather clocks ticking away the time as they wait for me to do just that and come out so they can grab me and bite me and kill me and make me one of them? I need to get out though cause I have now eaten all the granola bars and the candy bars and the packaged hot dogs and I have even tried to eat the popcorn corn but it’s too hard and hurt my teeth. Maybe I could just run to the concession stand and grab some more food and come back but then I think what then maybe I last another few days eating and then I need to go back out and I will get weaker every day because the chocolate is yummy but I feel nauseous after eating so much and I need a steak a big juicy steak cooked medium rare with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy and maybe some peas oh a nice fresh salad with vinegar and olive oil and slices of pear and walnut chunks and grated parmesan cheese right from parma and I’d wolf it down in just a heart beat and god it would taste good and I wouldn’t eat these cheap candy bars ever again I swear it.